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Caroline Keesey

Carol Keesey

Carol was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she purchased a boutique women’s clothing store at the young age of 17.

Managing a retail store in the world's 11th largest city is no easy task.

She had to organize everything to maximize space and maintain a healthy business.

This is when she fell in love with organization. She continued her fashion education by becoming an internationally certified image consultant.

After moving to the United States, she met Nick and merged these two passions into a business, "The Organized Couple".

Nick Keesey

Nick Keesey

Nick got his start in entrepreneurship when he was in college by creating a digital marketing agency. His passion was helping people become more efficient in life & business.

After meeting Carol he went through is own decluttering journey... he was NOT an organized person when they met.

This experience taught him how important home organization is for the mind and all other areas of life. He learned how much easier it is to focus on business and hobbies when his home was clutter-free and easy to manage.

When Carol suggested they start an organizing business together, he was all-in!

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