While every project is unique and customizable, our process is tried and true. Please use this page as a starting point, and click the "Get Started" button when you're ready to learn more or schedule your project!


In the categorization step, we categorize all the items from one area of your home, which helps us see exactly how much you have in each category.


Now that we can easily see how much you own of each category, we will inspect the items for damage or missing pieces, and set them aside. This also is the time you will decide which items you no longer wish to keep, such as items you never use, don't like, don't fit or work, etc.. This step is crucial because it's very important that we don't spend time or waste space on items that you genuinely will not be using again in the future, whether you don't enjoy them or they no longer bring value or joy to your life.

Organize & Detail

Now, we are finally ready to put your belongings away, following the plan we've already laid out, and apply all the finishing touches. This includes all the fine details such as utilizing dividers, labels, and other organization materials and tricks, ensuring everyone in the household understands the organizational system, as well as maintain it for the long term.

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