While every project is unique and customizable, our process is tried and true. Please use this page as a starting point, and click the "Get Started" button when you're ready to learn more or schedule your project!

How it works

Our four-step organization process allows complete customization of your home organization project. You will be able to fully utilize the space you have and transform your home into a functional, efficient living space that is easy to understand and maintain for the long term. Whether you've been living in your home for 25 years or are just unloading the moving truck, you've come to the right place.


Step 1. Categorize

During the categorization step, we will categorize all the items from one area of your home, which helps us see exactly how much you have in each category, i.e. for clothes, we would categorize everything so we can see how many pants, shirts, sweaters, t-shirt's etc.. that you own.


Step 2. Declutter

Now that we can easily see how much you own of each category, we will inspect the items for damage or missing pieces, and set them aside. This also is the time you will decide which items you no longer wish to keep, such as items you never use, don't like, don't fit or work, etc.. This step is crucial because it's very important that we don't spend time or waste space on items that you genuinely will not be using again in the future, whether you don't enjoy them or they no longer bring value or joy to your life.

Step 3. Plan

We've already categorized and decluttered, so we can now see how many items we are working with, and space we have to organize them. During the planning step, we will determine the best place for items to live based upon your lifestyle, daily routine, and ease of maintenance. This also is when we would make lists of items needed to purchase, such as baskets, dividers, shelves, etc. and purchase them.

Step 4. Organize & Detail

Now, we are finally ready to put your belongings away, following the plan we've already laid out, and apply all the finishing touches. This includes all the fine details such as utilizing dividers, labels, and other organization materials and tricks, ensuring everyone in the household understands the organizational system, as well as maintain it for the long term.


The most accurate way to obtain an estimate is to schedule a consultation. During this time, we will view the areas you'd like to work on, provide recommendations and answer any questions you have. At the end of the consultation, we will provide an estimate of how long the project may take and cost.

Your involvement

We encourage all of our clients to be involved in the unpacking and organization process, but it's completely up to you if you want to participate or not, and many people are unavailable due to work, so we understand if you are unable to work alongside us.

Working with a budget

If you have a strict budget, we can calculate how much time that will provide, and spend our time focusing on high priority items that will have the most impact, and then provide guidance to help you complete the rest of the project on your own.


Students, Retirees, Seniors, and Military Members are eligible for a 5% discount

Making a reservation

When you're ready to book your project, we will discuss availability, then you'll receive a Letter of Agreement to electronically sign, and a link to submit a $125 deposit. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your balance at the end of your project.

Daily work schedule

We typically work around 8 hours per day starting in the morning and will take a lunch break mid-day that is usually about an hour (you do not pay for any of our breaks). It's easiest if we can work back-to-back days to get the project finished quickly, but we understand your schedule may not allow that, so we are flexible. If you are working with us, you do not need to be present and available the entire time, so please do not feel overwhelmed at the prospect of spending 8+ hours working. If you need to run out or simply have other things to do, just let us know and if we need something while you're gone we will simply ask when you return.

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